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Mind Body Potential 
Chronic Lower Back Pain Management Session
by a Movement Specialist YUJI (Physiotherapist)


Chronic Lower Back Pain Management Session

Physiotherapist - Yuji Kitano


Introducing Yuji Kitatno


Yuji is a dedicated physiotherapist with 11 years of experience, graduating from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. His background includes working in private practice, sports gyms, and elite sport settings such as the Paralympic, professional rugby, and X-games, ensuring he's well-equipped to offer expert advice for various injuries.

Yuji is also a White Water Rafting Guide, adding adventure to his

professional pursuits, and holds a black belt in karate, showcasing

his commitment to physical excellence. He is passionate

about chronic pain management and is committed to helping

clients move better and live pain-free, using innovative techniques

and a deep understanding of the body's interconnectedness.

He aims to ensure every patient leaves the clinic feeling better,

equipping them with self-care tools for lasting results. 


In 2020, low back pain (LBP) affected 619 million people globally, and it is estimated that the number of cases will increase to 843 million by 2050, driven largely by population expansion and aging. Through growing demand, Mind Body Potential is welcoming a physiotherapist, Yuji, to the field of chronic lower back care. Yuji applies advanced principles and innovative techniques to provide comprehensive care and lasting relief. His practice focuses on addressing the whole body's movement patterns and underlying causes, ensuring a thorough and effective treatment approach.


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Yuji's schedule

Saturday: 9:00-17:00

Max 5 clinets/day

Session duration

*Initial 60M Session

*Standard 45M Session

*Long 60M Session

Session Fee

*Initial 60M: 18,000yen+Tax

*Standard 45M: 13,000yen+Tax 

*Long 60M: 18,000yen+Tax


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