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★★★★★ Google Review: Manual Therapy 80M

I have worked with many Bodyworkers, Rolfers, Physiotherapists and massage therapist and I have to say Kay is one of the best I have worked with. Being a dance and yoga teacher, I have studied deep into the field of biomechanics and movement and want someone to explain to me in concrete terms which muscle or connection is weak or needs releasing or strengthening. Kay always gives me a treatment that makes me feel more aligned and balanced. We did a whole ten sessions for Rolfing where she was able to identify my holding patterns and how this was causing tension in my neck, shoulders and feet. After integrating the work with my movement, my flexibility and range of motion increased perhaps 30% more and it leveled up my dance and yoga skill. She is also a wonderful, compassionate listener and I feel she is also a “healer”. She helped heal many parts of my body that had pain and taught me how to move more naturally and intelligently and releasing old patterns of movement. I have also introduced her to many friends and they all come back saying she really helped improve their mobility and fix their issues such as ankle weakness and hip/psoas tightness. She helped realign my spine and total body balance. Her treatments are deep and amazing work!

by Ms. Diana Tsuruda (August 2022)

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