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★★★★★ Google Review: Manual Therapy 80M

I have been going to weekly manual therapy sessions with Kay for about 5 weeks and I can't recommend her and her practice enough! I've dealt with standard chronic low back pain (sciatica, etc) for around ten years, primarily caused by a stubborn slipped disc. I have taken advice from physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and internet experts and attacked my pain from just about every angle. Things have helped, but complete relief has been elusive. Kay, however, has a deep and wide pool of knowledge. In a few weeks, she has aided me in not viewing my pain as an attack, but instead more as a signal. She has illuminated muscles deep in the tissue which, over time, have weakened in favor of bigger muscles. She has helped me to learn to release these bigger muscles, which cause almost constant tension. She also asks about my habits and makes functional suggestions. It is so rare to have a practitioner who gives advice based on individual situations. This is not just massage therapy! I still experience pain of course, it hasn't been that long and I have a good amount of deprogramming left to go, both physical and mental, but I really can't convey the amount I learn in each session. Inspired by her manual therapy, I will be going through a Structural Integration (Rolfing) course with her as well, and I very much look forward to that journey.

by Mr. Aaron Dalman (August, 2022)

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