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Mind Body Potential Manual Therapy Service Fee

**All excluding Tax

Initial Consultation & Assessment 

Therapy Session_edited_edited.jpg

Initial Visit / Over 2 years since last visit /

Anyone who requires a new consultation

15-30 minutes

New clients or anyone who needs to update their Manual Therapy of Movement Therapy goals or who would like to discuss current issues and concerns, therapy strategies, and goals.

The initial consultation and assessment will include going over the intake form, followed by a discussion about your personal background, lifestyle, and where any pain points are located. Then, you and your therapist will design your session together.

3,000 yen

Manual Therapy 80 min


Initial Visit / Registered Clients

80 minutes

Manual therapy can be an ideal method of alternative pain management, especially compared to taking strong prescription painkillers with their potentially serious side effects. Research shows that manual therapy can help decrease pain and stiffness, reduce disability, lower anxiety and depression, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, post-operative pain, tension headaches, and arthritis. For people looking to naturally manage their chronic pain, manual therapy can improve their quality of life by boosting mood as well as managing the pain—making it a powerful tool for relaxing both mind and body. We believe that adapting manual therapy techniques and choosing the most effective therapy for each client based on their daily condition and goals is the key to the best treatment. 

16,000 yen

Manual Therapy 110 min

Upper Back Massage_edited_edited.jpg

Initial Visit / Registered Clients

110 minutes

Manual therapy/bodywork utilizes various hands-on techniques to help identify and treat body structural imbalances or restrictions that may cause pain or restrict function.

Conventional healing massage is a passive form of treatment. The client is not required to move their muscles and joints. It is very beneficial for relaxation, stress reduction, and pain management. In active treatment, the client moves their muscles and joints. It is a very powerful and effective method of gaining awareness of your mind and body and is safe since you control your own movement. If you are seeking to improve your awareness, chronic pain management, and enhance your performance or well-being, please try to have active therapy together with passive therapy. 110 minutes sessions will provide an adequate amount of time to experience both.

22,000 yen

Add-On Manual Therapy 30 min

Pilates with Ball_edited.jpg

Initial Visit / Registered Clients

30 minutes

30 Minute extensions are available.

30 minutes of short movement therapy before or after your manual therapy session,

is also available.

6,000 yen

Add-On Lift Up Facial 30 min


Initial Visit / Registered Clients

30 minutes

Lift Up Facial 30M: Facial and scalp myofascial release work and massage on facial muscles and the lymphatic system will help to ease restrictions, remove waste products, and rejuvenate skin. It also restores facial freedom and elasticity to help lift the face line. Recommended with body treatment.

7,000 yen


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