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Mind Body Potential Movement Therapy Service Fee

**All excluding Tax

Initial Consultation & Assessment 

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Initial Visit / Over 2 years since last visit /

Anyone who requires a new consultaion

15-30 minutes
3,000 yen

A new client or anyone who needs to update their goal of Manual Therapy or Movement Therapy who would like to discuss current issues and concerns, therapy strategies, and goals.


The initial consultation will include, going over the intake form, and an assessment which will involve a discussion about your health background, your lifestyle, and where any pain points are located.  Then, you and the therapists find a way to have the best sessions for you.

Movement Therapy 50 min

Downward Dog Pose_edited.jpg

Initial Visit / Registered Clients

50 minutes
10,000 yen

Our movement therapy focuses on the local and postural muscles to have more balance and stronger stabilization. We specialize in postpartum, and menopause-related issues such as neck/shoulder/upper back tension; lower back pain; incontinence; abdominal and leg weakness; diastasis recti; pelvic floor imbalance, etc. Most movements can be repeated at home without any special tools. It also re-educates your awareness of your body.

Movement Therapy 80 min

Fitness on Yoga Mat_edited.jpg

Initial Visit / Registered Clients

80 minutes
16,000 yen

Having time to focus on your body and movements will give you a powerful awareness of yourself and your body. Movement therapy gives you the chance to increase options for movement, both gross and subtle, and refine proprioceptive, kinesthetic, and interoceptive senses (help you to be accurate.) These can lead to pain relief, improved function, enhanced well-being, etc.

Add-On Movement / Manual Therapy 30 min

Pilates with Ball_edited.jpg

Initial Visit / Registered Clients

30 minutes
6,000 yen

If you would like a longer session, we offer extensions in 30-minute increments. You can also add 30 minutes of short manual therapy before or after your movement therapy session.


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