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Rolfing with Yasuka

Yasuka is a physical therapist certified by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.  She is also a Rolfing practitioner certified by The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. 

Yasuka started her career in 2010 working at a hospital providing physical therapy rehabilitation for patients who had recently undergone knee or hip joint replacement, as well as those recovering from strokes, Parkinson’s disease, orthopedic disorders, and so on.

During her time at the hospital, she witnessed firsthand the important role that body structure plays in our physical movement, as well as our overall physical wellness.  

Yasuka became a certified Rolfer in 2017 and began her Rolfing practice while she continued to take care of her patients as a Physical Therapist. Now she focuses not only on improving bodily structure but also helps her clients to more fully enjoy their bodies and lead richer lives.

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