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Mind Body Potential  

   Manual Therapy (Bodywork/Advanced Massage) & Movement Therapy

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Experience Personalized Advanced Massage Session @ Hiroo's Private Space 

One client  x  One therapist
Appointment-Based Service

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WELCOME to Mind Body Potential

Mind Body Potential provides Manual (Massage/Bodywork) Therapy and Movement Therapy as part of your health care service at Hiroo.

If you are seeking experienced therapists for 

★ Chronic Pain Management

★ Structural Integration Work (Restore balance and symmetry to the Posture and Improve Movement)

★ Safe Prenatal/Postpartum Care

★ Menopause-related Pelvic Floor Issue Treatment

★ Relaxation Massage for Stress Relief/Reduction of Anxiety/Muscular Tension

★ Performance Enhancing Work

Look no further !!

Mind Body Potential provide tailored care therapy for individual cases

and also offer movement therapy to educate your body to move ecologically and naturally.

Mind Body Potential offers:

  Manual Therapy & Movement Therapy  

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Initial Consultation


Body Care_edited.jpg

80M session


110M session


Add-On +30M


*Required for all initial clients

*We also provide Facial 30M

Manual (Bodywork/) Therapy

There are many ways to approach your goals or issues through Hands on sessions. After initial consultation and assessment, our therapists will present you with YOUR BEST TAILORED CARE PLAN, combining some of the modalities and techniques. Such as Structural Integration, Chronic Pain Management, Prenatal/Postpartum Care, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Work, Lift Up Facial, Trigger Point Work, PNF, and others. (Learn More)

Movement Therapy

Our movement therapy focuses on LOCAL AND POSTURAL MUSCLES to improve mobility and stabilization to move your body ecological. Most movements can be repeated at home without any special tools. It also re-educates your awareness of your body. 


Mind Body Potential policies:

Opening Hours

*Advanced appointment only

*Same-day appointments are very difficult to accommodate

*Not accept walk-ins

Weekday: 9:00 to 21:00

Weekends & Holidays: 9:00 to 21:00

Closed occasionally; please check in advance)

*10% (+) regular fee for Off-Hours

*20% (+) for Home visits (With in Shibuya-ku and Minato-ku only)

*5 sessions /day /max /therapist


5-11-1 R#202,

Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 

Japan 150-0012

*A 3 min walk from Hiroo St. (Hibiya-Line) Exit #2

*Across the street from Double Blue Public Squash Court.

*2 buildings away from Hiroo Orthopedics Clinic

Cancellation Policy

*Please note that you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT (100%) for any changes or cancellations made within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. 


Mind Body Potential currently accepts only payments made in CASH (Japanese Yen). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why choose Mind Body Potential?

5 REASONS why you want to choose Mind Body Potential

  What are YOUR GOALS of today's session?  

Managing Chronic Pain?

Improve your posture?

Enhance performances !


Managing Daily Stress?


Prenatal/Postpartum Care


Improve moblity?


 1. Goal-oriented sessions

Mind Body Potential focuses on achieving YOUR GOALS with every session. Our therapists WORK TOGETHER WITH YOU and are

committed to taking the time to hear your story. Together, we will find a way to address issues such as; Chronic Pain Management, Structural Integration (SI), Improve Mobilty/Stability/Balance, Prenatal/Postpartum/Menopasue related issues, Daily Stress Management, Improve the performances to reach YOUR GOALS effectively.

2. Personalized sessions

Mind Body Potential provides highly personalized sessions. Your body

changes every day, every minute, just as your emotions do. We believe

that adapting manual therapy and movement therapy for each client

based on their present condition is the key to having an effective session.


 3. 5 private sessions per day

Mind Body Potential offers a maximum of 5 client-centered sessions per day

per therapist. The Manual Therapy sessions will be one-on-one sessions in a

private treatment room. The Movement Therapy sessions will be one-on-one sessions in an open room. We provide a safe and trusting space where you can be TRUE TO YOURSELF and free from distractions or judgment.  We limit the sessions to 5 per day to ensure our therapists' well-being and mindfulness so that they continually give their best to the clients.

Mind Body Potential2_白

4. Offering Manual (Hands-On) and Movement Therapy

Mind Body Potential offers Manual Therapy and Movement Therapy. Each focuses on increasing options for movement, both large and subtle while refining proprioceptive senses (awareness of the body in space, where am I?), kinesthetic senses (perception of body movements, how am I moving?), and interoceptive senses (internal state of the body, what am I feeling?). We believe mindful awareness of your body will lead to relief from chronic pain, improvement of function, and enhanced well-being. Hands-on work can be myofascial release,

deep tissue work, Swedish Massage, and others.


5. Owning your body by knowing your body.

Mind Body Potential believes that the best healing process starts from owning your body.

Owning your body means knowing your body. Knowing your body means having an 

awareness of your body. If you are aware of your body, you can prevent or adapt to pain

and discomfort in your daily life. Our double-approach therapy will re-educate your body

and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mind Body Potential Access:


5-11-1 R#202, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Contact Mind Body Potential

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Mind Body Potential2_白2_edited_edited.png
Image by Camylla Battani

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