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Opening Hours
Weekday:  9:00 to 21:00 
Weekends & Holidays:  9:00 to 21:00
Closed occasionally; please check in advance 

*No walk-in appointments
*10%(+) regular fee for Off-Hours 
*20%(+) fee for Home Visit (within Shibuya-ku and Minato-ku only)
*5 sessions/ therapist/ day/ max
5-11-1-202 Hiroo,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 

*Only 3 minuets' walk from 
Hiroo St. (Hibiya-line) Exit #2

*Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Mind Body Potential offers:

Mind Body Potential Manual Therapy 

Therapy Session_edited.jpg

Initial Consultation


15-30 minutes


Manual Therapy

80 minutes

Upper Back Massage_edited.jpg

Manual Therapy 

110 minutes

Reiki Treatment_edited_edited.jpg

Add-On Service 

+30 minutes

Modalities: Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Work, Myofascial Release, PNF, Structural Integration, Prenatal/Postpartum Care,

Menopause, Foot Care, Trigger Point Work, Aroma Therapy, Facial Massage 

Manual Therapy Service
Movement Therapy Sevice

Mind Body Potential Movement Therapy 

Therapy Session_edited.jpg

Initial Consultation


15-30 minutes

Fitness on Yoga Mat_edited.jpg

Movement Therapy

50 minutes


Movement Therapy

80 minutes

Upper Back Massage_edited_edited.jpg

Add-On Service 

+30 minutes

Why choose Mind Body Potential?

Why choose us?
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5 reasons why you want to choose

Mind Body Potential 

as your healthcare provider.

 1. Goal-oriented sessions

Mind Body Potential focuses on achieving YOUR GOALS with every session. Our therapists WORK TOGETHER WITH YOU and are

committed to taking the time to hear your story. Together, we will find a way to address issues such as; chronic pain management, structural integration, enhancing flexibility/core strength/balance, prenatal/postpartum/menopause, daily stress, and improving performance to reach

your GOALS effectively.

 2. Personalized sessions

Mind Body Potential provides highly personalized sessions. Your body

changes every day, every minute, just as your emotions do. We believe

that adapting manual therapy and movement therapy for each client

based on their present condition is the key to having an effective session.

 3. 5 private sessions per day

Mind Body Potential offers a maximum of 5 client-centered sessions per day

per therapist. The Manual Therapy sessions will be one-on-one sessions in a

private treatment room. The Movement Therapy sessions will be one-on-one

sessions in an open room. We provide a safe and trusting space where you

can be TRUE TO YOURSELF and free from distractions or judgment. 

We limit the sessions to 5 per day to ensure our therapists' well-being and mindfulness so that they continually give their best to the clients.

 4. Offering Manual (Hands-On) and Movement Therapy

Mind Body Potential offers Manual Therapy and Movement Therapy. Each focuses on increasing options for movement, both large and subtle while refining proprioceptive senses (awareness of the body in space, where am I?), kinesthetic senses (perception of body movements,

how am I moving?), and interoceptive senses (internal state of the body, what am I feeling?). We believe mindful awareness of your body

will lead to relief from chronic pain, improvement of function, and enhanced well-being. Hands-on work can be myofascial release,

deep tissue work, Swedish Massage, and others.

                                                          5. Owning your body by knowing your body.

                                                                              Mind Body Potential believes that the best healing process starts from owning your body.                                                                                          Owning your body means knowing your body. Knowing your body means having an

                                                                               awareness of your body. If you are aware of your body, you can prevent or adapt to pain

                                                                              and discomfort in your daily life. Our double-approach therapy will re-educate your body

                                                                              and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Mind Body Potential would love to hear from you




(Please leave a message.

We will get back to you ASAP. )

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